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We are a locally owned, family run business. When you call IPC, you talk to the owner every time. We do our best to resolve every issue on our initial visit and all of our work comes with a guarantee. Always feel free to call with questions or concerns - we take the time to answer those too, whether you decide to use our company or not. Since we've been in business, we and our current customers have considered us one of the top pest control companies in the city. This is our home town (over 40 years in the area). What does that mean for you? It means we know the pests in the area, and we know how to treat for them!

Licenses / Credentials:

• Pest Control Qualified Supervisor, Colorado Department of Agriculture
• License #302, Outdoor Vertebrae Control
• License #304, Residential/Commercial Pest Control

Proudly Serving: Colorado Springs CO, Pueblo CO, Castle Rock CO, Monument CO

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Services Offered:

  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial Services
  • Termite Inspection / Control
  • Bed Bug Extermination
  • Bees/Wasp Nest Removal
  • Small Animal Removal (Voles, Gophers, Mice, Birds/Bats, Skunks, Raccoons, Snakes, Squirrels)
  • Spiders/Ants
  • Monthly Maintenance Service Available
Colorado Springs Pest Control Service: Independent Pest Control Helps You Deal with Pesky Pests

While you may love entertaining at your house, ants, rats and cockroaches are not the guests you had in mind. Who would want to come home to fleas? In facts, homeowners do not tolerate pests of any sort. Nonetheless, pests pose a very real threat and are more widespread than you may imagine.

While certain pests like ants and cockroaches may be easily found out, rats and mice being nocturnal are not that simple to spot. If you find partially nibbled food, droppings and burrows, those are sure signs of rat or mice infestation. It’s scary to contemplate what sort of creatures maybe setting up home in your house.

You can avoid the infestation of some pests simply by keeping your house clean. But others will need to be evicted forcefully and this is where a qualified Colorado Springs pest control service comes into the picture. To keep your home free of pests, a pest control service will use a variety of methods.

It helps to know that pests want three things that are easily available in your home. These include food, water and shelter. Some insects will even attack your clothing essentially ruining your wardrobe. It is necessary to have an ongoing Colorado Springs pest control service maintenance program to ensure that infestations are under control and future ones do not arise. Tips and suggestions are also offered by the service to help keep pests under control.

Colorado Springs Pest Control Service - Independent Pest Control: Do You Know These Pests?

Almost all year round, ants can be a common problem. They are present indoors and outdoors. The Colorado Springs pest control service needs to find the main nest and destroy it to ensure that they are exterminated. Without destroying the nest the ants will only regroup and return.

Cockroaches are also extremely difficult to control, which is not surprising since they can go into hiding and live for a very long time without food or water. Keep your home clean to avoid a roach problem. That is by far the best option since roaches won’t be able to find food. Once they get into your house, roaches can become a major problem. The Colorado Springs Pest control service uses pesticides that are federally approved to get rid of this pest. A spotlessly clean house, especially the kitchen, is the best strategy as far as roaches are concerned.

The different kinds of bugs that swarm in spring and autumn form a major share of pest control efforts. They can interfere with your comfort at home or with your gardening Pests can grow in number very quickly, so it's a good idea to call us as soon as possible. Once an infestation occurs, a bug problem should be left in the hands of a capable Colorado Springs pest control service.

Fleas feed on humans and other warm blooded animals and cause physical pain. Some pests are nocturnal and feed on human blood. Your Colorado Springs pest control service will treat every possible place where these pests may hide. These parasites can even be found in the stitching on the mattress.

Children playing with cats and dogs may be tormented by the fleas that these pets carry. They are fairly easy to get rid of. It usually requires just one Colorado Springs pest control service treatment to get rid of them. Dust mites are also found in many homes. They cause asthma and other allergic reactions. Though difficult to get rid of, the simple rule of thumb is the less dust, the fewer dust mites.

Colorado Springs Pest Control Service: Independent Pest Control Tips to Control Pests

Be aware that pests can strike at any time. Most pest problems are better nipped in the bud and can be easily controlled if spotted early enough. If neglected they can snowball into a much bigger problem. Several basic things are usually suggested by a Colorado Springs pest control service to help prevent an infestation.

Insects are not attracted to amber light and using these bulbs is a good solution for outdoor insect problems. Caulking any cracks and joints is also a good idea because it helps prevent roaches and other insects from using it as their hiding place. You also need to keep your house clean to keep it free of pests. As your Colorado Springs pest control service will point out, many pests are so minute that they can live on the tiniest of crumbs. You must keep the outside of your home clean as well. Rodents and insects love to nest in mounds of leaves and other debris in your backyard. It’s important to clean up yard debris on a regular basis.

In spite of your best efforts, your house may be invaded by pests. Then you are better off calling the Colorado Springs pest control service.

Colorado Springs Pest Control Service - Independent Pest Control: Fighting Pests

Though a reputable Colorado Springs pest control service is not against home owners trying to get rid of relatively harmless pests themselves, they advise exercising caution. Pesticides especially, should be handled very carefully. Always follow label instructions to the letter. To avoid these unwanted guests in your home, you can talk to your local Colorado Springs pest control service who may be able to give you more tips and ideas.

A pest control expert is trained to understand how insects behave and what will keep them out of your home. Such knowledge may not be familiar to the average home owner. While you may be able to take preventive measures against pests, if you do find an infestation a Colorado Springs pest control service is the best team to handle it.

The professionals are trained in locating the root cause of the problem and attacking it there. With minimum disruption to your daily routine, they tackle the issue smoothly using the latest and best equipment and technology. Once the infestation is taken care of a reliable Colorado Springs pest control service will give you useful tips to keep your home free of pests.


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"We like supporting a local company rather than dealing with a national company, who refers customers to call centers not located in the state. The owner of Independent Pest Control, Michael Diaz, is personable and seems to know his bugs, their seasonal cycles, and the most effective (yet safe) chemicals. We've noticed over the last year that we have fewer insects inside the house, and Michael says he can make return visits if necessary before the scheduled quarterly visit. In addition, Michael is low key and hasn't tried to sell us any unnecessary services. He's punctual in scheduling service and comes at the appointed time. We are very satisfied with the work that he completes and would recommend him to others. "

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"This family owned local business is awesome! They know how to treat their customers. Chris was so nice on the phone and was able to get me scheduled without a problem after we had a scary spider situation. Mike came and was so friendly and helpful. He explained what he was going to do and also what I could do to help stay bug free. They guarantee all of their work and are committed to providing good service. Their prices are so reasonable and I signed up for the quarterly service. I have already recommended them to two of my friends. "


"Mike and Chris are the best in town! I would definitely recommend them to anyone!! They are professional, friendly, and always on time!!! I love that!!! We use their quarterly service and find it very useful and affordable! I also had an issue in the middle of my quarterly service with a mouse in my house and Mike was here immediately to take care of the problem! It gave me such a good peace of mind! If you want someone who is affordable, friendly, and courteous, use these guys! Like I said, Best in Town!!!

Review by Michelle S. in Colorado-Springs, CO
Project: Pest Control - Bugs & Insects
Comments: They were prompt. They came out the day I called. We had bedbugs and they sprayed 2 days in a row to be sure. I was so happy with the cost and their attitude. So friendly and caring people.

Review by a Homeowner in Colorado Springs, CO
Project: Control or Relocate Birds or Bats
Comments: Independent Pest Control is a small business owner who will find a solution to your issue no matter what. Mike Diaz is timely in his contact with you, takes him time to check your issues and offer the best, most affordable solutions, and get the work done as soon as possible. Mike offers decent warranty, and is willing to come back for no charge if there are any issues or questions. His workers were effecient and polite as well. I would recommend Independent Pest Control to any of my friends or familty members, and have already recommended them to a few of my neighbors.

Review by a Homeowner in Colorado Springs, CO
Project: Control or Eliminate Rodents
Comments: Mike was thorough, professional and timely. He found some openings in our garage where the mice were getting in and sealed them up. He said we may catch a few more mice in the next week or two if they had nested in our home but it has been a week and we haven't caught a single mouse. He completely eliminated our problem. Thanks Mike!! If we require any additional "pest control" needs, you will be the first we will call."